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The Principal's MESSAGE 

I am humbled to be the leader of this prestigious landmark.  Since 1967 we have been instrumental in educating boys and girls who have become first class professionals internationally.  The Savanna-La-Mar High and Preparatory institution is not only preparing citizens for this life but also for eternity. New and retuning students, accept our warmest welcome into our family.

Developing, nurturing and giving birth to creme-de-la-creme never happened over night.  We have consistently helped students to develop their full potentials.  Our success has come as a natural by product of the pursuit of our objective “ER” Education and Redemption is one. 

Our ethos is Christ-Centered educated which rest on the foundation of the four pillars: “4R” (Reform/Restore/Reclaim/Rescue) with the academic attainment is also a practical and necessary outcome for our specialized programme as our students are encouraged to leave with at least five (5)subjects at the CSEC level.

“When we honor the Lord with our: time, talents, temple and treasure ~

we will honor those we serve;  Serving and being served as if we are working for God”.

By: Greogery St. George Hewitt ~ August 13, 2009 

GREOGERY – “The ‘Watchful One’ or ‘Watcher’”

SAINT – Set apart for “Holy Use”

GEORGE– The “Farmer”

HEWITT – “Small” and “Intelligent”



“Simple yet Classical”


To make Savanna-la-mar High and Preparatory School the beacon in the West and Beyond ~ with Christ Centered Education


There is more beyond for Righteousness, Discipline and Success

Spiritual Mission

The Three Angels’ Messages REVELATION 14:6 -12


  • To provide Students with the skills necessary to take their place in society and the advancement of further knowledge.
  • To provide Students with vocational training that will enable them to be self-supporting.
  • To awaken an interest in Education and a taste for Knowledge.
  • To make Students critical about “ER” – Education & Redemption and  “4R” Reform/Restore/Reclaim/Rescue
  • To have all students leaving with at least five (5) subjects in External Examinations.


For the Lord God will HELP me; Therefore, I will not be disgraced;

So I have set my face like a flint ~ and I know that I will not be ashamed. Isaiah 50:7

(others Isaiah 41:10 & Psalm 27)


Trapped within each soul is an everlasting purpose.  ~By: GSGH~

 “The Word Is Love”